“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

Warren Buffet

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

Bill Gates

“Online is now the battlefield for customers. Each competitor you have is trying to beat you. How much you put into your website and online presence, will directly determine if you win or lose that battle.””

Mark Tuke, Founder, ReadyAimWeb

“85% of consumers find local businesses online.”


“These days pretty much anyone can build a website. But very few people can build a good website, that gives a high ROI. That’s an entirely different thing”

Mark Tuke, Founder, ReadyAimWeb

“You can have cheap, or you can have quality. But you can’t have both.”

Unknown – oldy but a goldy

“You get what you pay for.”


“A website is not a ‘thing’ or a product to buy, and buy cheap. It’s a service. It needs constant updating, constant content creation, constant keeping up with search and ranking trends, or it falls off the radar, and its ROI drops rapidly.”

Mark Tuke, Founder, ReadyAimWeb

“Value isn’t the next big thing. It’s the only thing.”

Luis Gallardo

“The law of input vs output applies to everything. Websites and online marketing are no exception. Spend less and put less in, you will make less money and get less out.”

Mark Tuke, Founder, ReadyAimWeb

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

Wendy Piersall

“The most important question when it comes to your online presence isn’t ‘how much do I want to spend?’, it’s: ‘how much do I want to make?’”

Mark Tuke, Founder, ReadyAimWeb

“A pretty website without functionality is like a sportscar without an engine. Pretty, but pointless.”


“Don’t find customers for your products. Find products for your customers.”

Seth Godin

“We can’t afford not to make this investment.”

Debra Mayer


Website builder apps Custom designed websites ReadyAimWeb
$0 upfront, $0 until site build complete
Guaranteed baked-in 8 point SEO
Guaranteed site performance KPI's for (i) loadspeed (ii) traffic (iii) conversions (iv) SEO metrics (v) build deliverables
Included, custom written professional article(s) content yearly to boost SEO
Guaranteed annual site rebuild to modernise / maintain aesthetic and ranking, included
'At cost' access to 49,624 functionality upgrades via 3rd party plugin installation - unlimited installs
COST: your potential ROI Digital marketing, web design, copywriting, UX & SEO experts. Vs you. NA NA
COST: your time to build it 8 - 60 hours to learn tool & build. 4 - 8 hours maintenance / mo. NA NA
COST: your money $80 - $350 / mo. Including upsells + apps Average $15,000 USD. Uncapped (additional work is cost-plus) $0 upfront, $690 monthly capped, no extra charges

Pick your flavour


  • DIY

  • $290/MO
    • $0 upfront
    • 15 premium plugins (worth over $1,500 yearly)
    • SEO baked-in
    • Conversion tools
    • Access to 49,624 plugins at cost
Most popular
  • PRO

  • $690/MO
    • $0 upfront
    • 20 premium plugins (worth over $2,500 yearly)
    • SEO baked-in
    • Conversion tools
    • Access to 49,624 plugins at cost
    • Advanced SEO upgrade
    • Optimised content (copy & images)

  • $990/MO
    • $1,500 upfront
    • 30 premium plugins (worth over $4,500 yearly)
    • SEO baked-in
    • Conversion tools
    • Access to 49,624 plugins at cost
    • Advanced SEO upgrade
    • Optimised content (copy & images)
    • Mobile app

  • $1390/MO
    • $2,500 upfront
    • 40 premium plugins (worth over $5,500 yearly)
    • SEO baked-in
    • Conversion tools
    • Access to 49,624 plugins at cost
    • Advanced SEO upgrade
    • Optimised content (copy & images)
    • Mobile app
    • Advanced Ecommerce

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Comparison chart based on 6 independent source articles. For article links see below*
Comparison pricing based against the RAW ‘Pro’ plan. Custom website pricing based on article content. Hours to learn and build from Website Builder based on article content plus RAW user experience.
Statements in the comparison chart are generalisations only and not guarantees regarding other ‘website builder tools’ and or ‘custom web designers’ and what they may or may not offer you. RAW can only compare based on what articles and experiences its team has been able to draw from. If you feel there are any inaccuracies please feel free to contact us to verify them: hello@readyaimweb.com

*Comparison chart source articles:

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